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Your salespeople want to
find &
connect with ideal buyers
in assigned verticals faster

The team

  • Prospects within a given vertical
  • Needs an easy way to find accounts that match the criteria they're given
  • Needs actionable contact data for decision-makers in ideal-fit accounts
  • Doesn’t use Sales Navigator

See the workflow step-by-step 

What you'll need

  • Contact data of companies and prospects that match your ideal customer profile.
  • Contact-level, firmographic, and technographic filters to find the right company and decision-maker.
  • Records enriched with high-quality contact data (mobile, direct dial, email) to start a conversation straight away.
  • Immediate list exports to save your team time and speed up prospecting. 

What you'll do 

  • Use the Cognism Web App to generate lead and account lists in target verticals
  • Push data to your CRM or Sales Engagement Platform
  • Work through contacts to start a conversation

How you'll do it 

Who used it & real-life benefits

The SDRs target enterprise, mid-market and small organisations in different sectors ranging from utilities, social housing and retail. These segments are then sliced and diced by the SDR so they can start prospecting to that particular segment. If they find a perfect fit account, the SDR will go into Cognism, research the company, select the contacts and import them into HubSpot for outreach.
Gary Rosier - Taylor, VP of Sales EMEA
increase in opportunities generated
decrease in SDR prospect researching time

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