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Win local and global markets with B2B data you can rely on

  • EMEA, NAM, APAC coverage
  • Validated emails and the largest mobile dataset on the market
  • Next-level accuracy with phone-validated mobile numbers
  • GDPR compliance

Cognism is the B2B data provider of choice for over 1800 revenue teams who need reliable, accurate, compliant sales intelligence for key personas in core markets.

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Choose your region and we'll provide the data

We give you a variety of data types to make local and global go-to-market motions easier.

EMEA, NAM, APAC - choose your region, size, industry, and our platform will provide the data.

We're already fueling the revenue engines of thousands of global companies with the most complete data in Europe and the richest mobile dataset in the US.

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Get through to more prospects

Quantity is good, but we know quality is what you really need.

That's why we've built a robust data quality engine that combines AI and human verification to provide you with verified B2B emails and validated mobiles for your most valuable prospects.

The result? Better targeting, increased speed to connect, and more conversations.

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Prospect in accordance with the law

Stay ahead of evolving international privacy laws with data that meets all GDPR & CCPA requirements.

Work with a notified database, and get insight into which numbers should not be called and which contacts may be less receptive to phone calls.

Cognism is the only provider that checks Do-Not-Call lists in the US, Canada, Australia, as well as UK and European countries - showing you the contacts that have registered their numbers on a national do not call list.

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You probably want to know how we do it...

Data Sources

Where does it all come from?

We combine first party with third party sources to give you the best the market can offer.

Proprietary Data Capture Mechanisms

This is our first data layer: community-sourced data. It comes from members of our community who allow us to match contact information stored in signature blocks to business professionals in our database.  

Publicly available information

We monitor publicly available information across millions of corporate websites, job postings, news feeds, and company registries to confirm business information and add an additional layer of accuracy.

Proprietary machine learning models

We monitor the digital infrastructure of companies using proprietary ML models. Then, we cross-reference this data with job postings to give insight into which technologies are used in which companies.

Strategic partnerships

We have formed strategic partnerships with premium-grade providers. This allows us to provide users with highly accurate supporting data like intent data (powered by Bombora) and sales event triggers (powered by CB Insights).

Data Validation & Maintenance

How do we keep it fresh and accurate?

Cognism's data validation and maintenance formula:

Manual Research + Daily Database Updates = Coverage + Completeness + Correctness

Mobile number validation

Our ultimate goal is simple: we want you to have more conversations. That's why we have a team of researchers dedicated to manually validating mobile phone numbers – a process through which we create our Diamond Data® asset. This includes the contacts that are highly valuable to our user base and contacts specifically requested by our customers leveraging the Diamonds-on-Demand® service.

Company manual research

We operate and drive continuous database improvement with a quality-first mindset.

To ensure the data we source meets our stringent quality standards, the research team continuously audit our customers’ most desired company and contact profiles, including the information collected via our programmatic primary data capture methods.

Daily database updates

We perform millions of daily database updates.

Apart from keeping our data fresh, these updates enable us to track important contact-level events such as key roles joining or leaving a company. This allows customers to rekindle relationships with former users or connect with new decision-makers who are just starting out and building their strategy, before competitors catch up.

You deserve better than "hit or miss"

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Book a discovery session with our team and we'd be more than happy to run a few searches together and see how Cognism can give you the data you need to reach your goals, whether that's:

  • increasing brand recognition and amassing market share in existing markets
  • or breaking into completely new territories.