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AIFA’s Face Recognition Technology Ready to Break Barriers in Retail and HR Management

Focus Softnet’s first AI platform AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications is ready to break conventional barriers and is all set to transform the retail industry and HR management. Equipped with advanced face recognition capabilities, AIFA can revolutionize how retail stores operate. It can identify loyal customers the moment they walk into a store and alert salesmen and managers.

AIFA’s Face Recognition Technology Ready to Break Barriers in Retail and HR Management

The alerts would include all information about the customer, their buying history, preferences, wish lists and purchase patterns, allowing the manager to offer personalized discounts and empowering the salesmen to pitch the right product with increased chances for conversion.

Watch the video below and witness how AIFA identifies a customer and alerts the retail store’s salesman and the manager.

AIFA for Employee logins and logouts

AIFA’s face recognition technology is capable of capturing 128 facial attributes to ensure accuracy when identifying a human. By deploying it, companies can automate and simplify the whole login process. Employees would have to simply walk past the camera which would identify and record the login or logout of the employee.

Furthermore, there would be no more delays at the login counter as AIFA can identify employees even while they are in a group. In peak login and logout times, there won’t be a queue of employees waiting to punch in/flash their cards to gain access or logout.

AIFA would also prevent unauthorized entries into the premises much more effectively with minimal costs, compared to conventional methods.

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